It's always fun for me to see how my art gets used in products, thanks to the licensing department of my publisher, Wild wings! 

My favorites have been the Minnesota State fishing and hunting regulations booklets (every person buying a license receives one), magazine covers, puzzles and calendars. My work has appeared on apothecary jars, rear window truck films, lots of greeting cards, mugs, cups, plates, and trinket boxes. Pioneer Seed company used one of my barns on a Christmas tin. The Disabled American Vets are using my “Parade Partners” painting on one of their greeting cards. 

One favorite licensing product was a beautifully printed Lang Calendar. My farm paintings were published 7 years straight in my own “On the Farm” Calendar 2009-15, of which I was very proud! This is what kept me constantly seeking out new family farms to visit and paint. I met a lot of wonderful families with that project. 

I get a big kick out of doing a jigsaw puzzle of my own painting! My Dad always loved puzzles and I always wished one would come along for him to do, but by the time that happened, his Alzheimers became too advanced for him to comprehend a puzzle. 

Disabled American Vets Licensing of My Painting “Parade Partners”

“I've been honored to have DAV using my painting these past 2 years in their nation-wide annual fund drive in which people receive a complimentary pack of note cards. There has been so much response to this with folks asking me where they might buy more of these. Check out my blog post for more info!”