“I hear from artists regularly who ask if I teach. Though I've not ventured into formally teaching classes, I'm always happy to share my methods, tricks & tips and answer any questions! Below are 6 examples with links to some of my painting tips/tricks and FAQ found within my Art Blog located on this website! 

Sharing My Experience

Toothbrush for painting?


Using my toothbrush as an artist tool... “Let it SNOW!” One of the most fun parts of a wintertime painting! 

What is a Remarque?


“Remarques are little originals created on the margin of a print to add interest and value. I enjoy making mine special!” 

Tools of My Trade


“You’d be surprised at the ordinary, un-glamorous mundane items I actually use to help me create a painting!” 

Painting Hidden Names!


“You could say I add a little “word find” by painting names of the subject or farm owner hiding within the scene.”

What is an Artist Proof?


“This explains how the limited edition print market works... originals vs limited edition prints and artist proofs.” 

Making Money Painting


“I explain how an artist can make money with a painting... the original, prints and licensing and how the process works.”


“I welcome your questions and will likely add to my blog based on what people ask.”