“Kids Being Kids!”

“You will not see me paint angelic children wearing clean white lace gowns in romantic rooms with flowered wallpaper. ‘My kids’ might be dirty, have a scratch on their knee or bandaid on their finger or wearing clothing that they’ve outgrown or not grown into yet! You’ll find them in their own back yard, on a dock fishing or somewhere in the neighborhood... having fun, getting into mischief, trying something new or mimicking an adult. 

“We are children for such a short time! I try to capture some of that time in my work, and whether my paintings remind you of your own carefree days as a child or the children in your lives today, you will always see ‘my kids’ doing things that make them happy. I’m always striving to paint childhood the way I feel it should be and I hope I can make people smile with my work.”

The way I remember childhood!

I try to depict kids happily being kids much like my childhood memories from the ‘50’s and ‘60’s when I would go outside sledding for hours till I was soaked, or fish for sunfish with worms. Kids today are under so much pressure to perform, compete, excel and sometimes they’re so busy with organized activities, there’s no time to “just play!”