Meet the Artist


Rollie Brandt

HOME: South of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

FAMILY: Happily married since ’73 to high school sweetheart 

 3 children   •   8 grandchildren

EDUCATION: Art Instruction School & self taught.

PUBLISHER: Wild Wings Inc., Lake City Minnesota, USA

“In an inexplicable way, it’s apparent when an artist paints from the heart as Rollie Brandt does. She is known for her realistically paintings of “kids being kids”, but the real charm of her work, however, lies in the timeless feelings they evoke... “been there, done that, and loved it!” Her versatility of subject matter has since been demonstrated in a number of other categories such as “Fishing & Water Scenes,” “Dogs & Horses” and most recently “Family Farms,” all of which prove what she often says... “You always paint BEST what you are most familiar with!”                                                — Jan Couch, In-Fisherman Magazine

In 1994 Rollie became published by Wild Wings who released her first limited edition print “Fishing in Father’s Footsteps,” of a young boy ice fishing. She has since continued to paint 10-20 original paintings per year and her work has appeared in over 22 prints, 30+ publication covers, calendars, greeting cards and other licensed products. 

Take a look at everyday life as seen through Rollie Brandt’s eyes...


Fun Facts & Commissions

Rollie often hides the name(s) of her subjects within her paintings, such as among branches, in wood grain, etc, not always easy to find!

Rollie’s barn and farm paintings are created from real family farm homesteads she's discovered around her area of Minnesota and Wisconsin. She'll tell you she's met some of the nicest farm families, some of which became friends. Over 80 paintings were created over 7 years painting for her “On the Farm” calendars published by Lang in partnership with Wild Wings' licensing department. 


Rollie has painted several pet portraits for dog and horse owners. Feel free to contact her with questions.


Background... How it all began

As a child, Rollie Brandt knew that she wanted to pursue a career in art. Known as “the artist” throughout her school days, young Rollie revealed an uncharacteristically mature dedication to developing her artistic skills. For many teenagers standard course work is enough, but Rollie sought advanced training in commercial art through college correspondence courses, and furthered her formal training and accelerated her artistic growth with the entrepreneurial launching of a sign-painting business in her sophomore year. 

All the while she was employed as a graphic artist and even after she left the work force to raise her three children, Rollie painted purely for the love of it, basically teaching herself techniques, entering her paintings in her local county fair art show every year. “I would paint while my kids napped,” she said. Her children have since grown, married and are all artists in their own right!

In 1994, Wild Wings published her first print of a young boy ice fishing. She's since painted over 210 original paintings, most of which can be seen here.

“There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the art of Rollie Brandt. 

I hope you enjoy my site and take a moment to drop me a line.”